Step 1: Use Algorithm

  • Use this algorithm as guide to the WELLS Center Simulation Training Granted Hours review process

  • Determine your submission timeline and begin the submission process (Steps 2 and 3 below)

  • Please note that there is an optional Advance Submission process intended to provide you with feedback prior to the Submission deadline. Your proposal will be pre-reviewed and you will be contacted within two weeks.

Step 2: Review the Proposal and Proposal Review Information Documents

Please Download and review the Granted Hours Documents:

Complete the proposal or renewal form as thoroughly and with as much detail as possible. Please contact Scott Bartholomew, Simulation Supervisor, at or 720-848-5444 if you need assistance.


Helpful Hints

Please review the Proposal Review information and familiarize yourself with the required components. On the Proposal form please provide as much information about your proposed simulation training as possible. Carefully think through the simulation training process from different perspectives.


Educator perspective
Identify the training/education/research/review need
Ascertain what training design elements will best fit your needs
Determine the need for additional educator resources to assist with the design and implementation of the simulation training (e.g. scenario writing/content experts, facilitators, debriefers, etc.)
Identify simulation education training needs the educator may have (contact Scott Bartholomew, Simulation Supervisor at the WELLS Center for educator simulation training information – 720-848-5444 or

Learner participant perspective
Benefits of training in-situ (familiar environment) or training at the WELLS Center
Benefits of utilizing Standardized Patients/Family Members and/or high fidelity mannequins
Availability of clinical supplies, equipment and/or space if in-situ

Leadership perspective
How will this solve a departmental/hospital/system challenge?
How will the simulation training assist with policy/procedure or operational readiness review?
How will we operationalize findings exposed by the simulation training?

Step 3: Submit Proposal

Submit your completed form via email to Seth Jones, Simulation Project Manager at

Step 4: Receive Proposal Award/Denial Notification

Once your Granted Hours proposal has been received, it will be reviewed by the Granted Hours Review Committee (see Review Committee Algorithm).

You will be notified via email within five (5) weeks of the submission date  and will receive instructions on the next steps in planning the simulation planning event.

Notifications for proposals denied granted hours support will include review feedback and an opportunity to revise the Proposal.

Step 5: Upon Award

The event process algorithm provides an overview of the simulation event scheduling, scenario development (including awarded development hours) and implementation process.