The IMPACT of Simulation at UCHealth…

At UCHealth we strive to improve lives by creating meaningful and impactful experiences for our patients and their families.  The UCHealth Simulation Center at Anschutz Medical aims to support this mission by creating motivating healthcare experiences that engage and challenge staff and ultimately improve clinical practice.

We hear many rejuvenating stories about patients at UCHealth, some with very happy endings and others continuing to fight for optimal health.  What we typically do not get to hear are the stories from behind the scenes – stories from the ones who care for the ill and injured.

Our simulation team wants to hear from colleagues and supporters about how a simulation program they participated in directly impacted the care delivered to a patient.  We have created this online portal as an instrument to collect and share those stories.

We want to hear from you!

Your stories mean more to your colleagues at the bedside and at the simulated/virtual bedside than you likely realize.


Please go to the attached form below and give us  your Impact story. Your story will be reviewed and posted.

If you prefer to share a story but are wary to do so electronically so as to maintain anonymity feel free to contact our staff directly;

 Simulation Supervisor
Scott Bartolomew
P: 720.848-5444

Below are testimonials and anecdotes of the impact of simulation-based education and training received at the WELLS Center :